The First Gift of Christmas Box

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Hello friends!!

How are you? Hope you’re all doing well! I’m super excited  today! The nail gods smiled upon me and gave me the amazing opportunity of swatching the First Gift of Christmas Box for you!! Ahh! I’m super happy to share this with you I’m sure you’re gonna love it!

First, real talk. There are so many collaboration boxes coming out this season, everything looks so good and yeah, it is pretty hard to choose which one to invest your hard-earned money on, how to choose? Price? quality? well-known brands? shades? Well, I sincerely think it comes down to the colors and quality of the polish, the little extras help as well ;).


The First Gift of Christmas Box is inspired by The Polar Express (one of my favorite Holiday movies) and it’s participants are four well-known and loved brands:  ellagee, Girly Bits, Ever After and Frenzy. These brands have some die-hard fans and there is obviously a reason for it, their product is amazing! Details first and then we see the pretties one by one and I’ll tell you my opinion at the end.


Name: The First Gift of Christmas

Pre-order window: November 19th-21st at ellagee.com

Price: $40 plus shipping, ships worldwide

 November 19-21, First Gift of Christmas collaboration box.

The pre-order window is 72 hours, November 19th, 12:00 am cst through November 22nd, 12:00 am cst, shipping will be on or before December 8th, and the polishes are exclusive to the box.

 From Frenzy Polish

To The North Pole, Of Course
A deep blue jelly with silver and blue glitter and flakies

2 coats plus top coat


wpid-wp-1447255062182.jpg wpid-wp-1447255061772.jpg


There’s an cute little top coat from Frenzy also included in this box


From ellagee

The Bell Still Rings For Me
A silver shimmer with silver holo microglitter and microshreds.

3 coats plus top coat


wpid-wp-1447255064478.jpg wpid-wp-1447255064068.jpg


ellagee also included an adorable little silver bell which came packaged in a red box, how cute is the Santa hat on that bottle btw


From Girly Bits

Hot, Hot, Hot!
Chocolate brown scattered holo with red and gold shimmer.

2 coats plus top coat


wpid-wp-1447255856605.jpg wpid-wp-1447255856123.jpg


From Ever After

Gold holo with multi colored glitter.

3 coats plus top coat


wpid-wp-1447255063111.jpg wpid-wp-1447255062654.jpg


Ever After included the yummiest bath dust, it honestly smells good enough to eat. I shall be enjoying this very soon.


Ok so the polishes are all absolutely beautiful, the application on them is outstanding they all have great formulas. It is my first time trying 3 out of the 4 brands here and I can honestly see why they have the following I mentioned before, I was already a die hard fan of the fourth (Frenzy) so no surprise there. These are super unique and pretty and I really think this box is a must have. What do you think of this box? let me know in the comments!!

Thank you so much for reading! 



*****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****

press sample

40 thoughts on “The First Gift of Christmas Box

  1. Holy cow- this box is amazing. I kind of love the idea of the hot cocoa bath dust. I’m such a chocoholic that I can totally picture myself in a cocoa bath. That Frenzy polish is just too much to resist!

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