Simple nail art using Pretty & Polished Dusty Creme

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Hello friends!!

How are you today?? I recently had the pleasure of reviewing some of Pretty & Polished dusty creams and absolutely fell in love with them!!! Some of the people from the Facebook Feeling Pretty & Polished were wondering how to nail art these so I decided to do three super easy and simple manis to kinda give you ideas on what can be done with these beauties. Let’s get to them!

Skittled daisies – daisies are one of the easiest and most popular designs in nail arting, as a matter of fact they were one of the first things I learned and probably one of my go to manis, for these daisies I used a small dotting tool (which can be purchased at amazon) and made five little white dots for the leafs and one yellow one for the center. Dusty creams are great for skittles because they look amazing together! from L to R Saucey Marsala, My Sage Advice, Amethyst or am I That, Weather the Storm


Purple and glitter scallops– For this next mani I used Violet Femmes a gorgeous glitter from the purple collection to compliment my base, I wanted to do something simple and funky so I went for scallop vynils instead of chevrons for my middle and ring fingers, pinkie is fully painted and pointer has dots using different size dotting tools.


Color blocking– Like I said before, dusty creams work soooo well that I figured some color blocking needed to be done. The easiest thing  for me was to use a single wide chevron vynil I purchased here, because I am a little bit too OCD and just never finish lining up nail tape in a way that is satisfactory, so a single chevron is best for me and keeps me sane. Remember to always wait until your nail polish is fully dry before you work with vynils! Featured in the color block are Amethyst or Am I That, My Sage Advice and Weather the Storm.


Hope you like the manis! If you don’t own any dusty cremes you need to fix that!!! These are seriously gorgeous and the formula is perfection. Links to my original review and the Pretty and Polished shop below.

Thank you for reading!


“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow”.- Helen Keller



*****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****

press sample

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