Zoya Sunshine, Dove and Ryan

****Plates were provided for review, polishes were purchased ****


Hello friends!!

How are you?!! I’ve been a bit lazy lately with the blogs and want to cover past manis before I go onto new reviews etc. Today I want to cover a mani I posted a couple of weeks ago, why? Well because I loved the polishes I used and the design itself was cute, Totally reminded me of R2d2. Yes, I am a Star Wars nerd #sorrynotsorry.  Let me show it to you!



For my pointer and middle fingers I used Zoya’s Sunshine. My first time using this baby and I had a lot of emotions, first; why o why is Zoya getting rid of pixiedusts?!! they’re soooo pretty!! and after I was done being sad I was able to enjoy it. I love this! the application is quite easy, no baldies and dried super fast!

My pinkie and ring are Zoya’s Dove as base, which is a polish I adore because it’s the perfect gray. I did two coats plus top coat for it, if you are a thin coat kinda girl you’ll probably need three coats to be good. The stamping was done with MoYou Nails USA Plate 122. Love the plate but Zoya Ryan was not the best polish to stamp with in this occasion as it had tiny baldies but nothing too bad.

What do you think of this mani? Does it remind you of r2d2 as well? lol 

As always, thank you so much for reading!! 






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