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Hello friends!!

How are you?! I’m having an amazing spring, despite the bad weather, hope you are too!! Today I’m bringing you a long overdue review of MoYou Nails USA plate 21 (I know the pic says plate “N21” but you’ll find it listed as “21”). I’m having a lot of fun with this plate! I really really like the images and find myself reaching for it often!

Let’s see the plate


Isn’t it pretty? super versatile and very well etched, the images are really easy to pick up. I normally use my squishy to stamp as I never really got the hang of rolling the stamper. I find it so much easier to pick up by pressing. Let’s take a look at the images one by one both on stamper and on nail.

IMG_20150417_182200 IMG_20150417_181746

IMG_20150417_182255 IMG_20150417_181532

IMG_20150417_182336 IMG_20150417_181600

IMG_20150417_182403 IMG_20150417_181640

IMG_20150417_182429 IMG_20150417_181709

Here you have then in a full mani

IMG_20150417_182109 IMG_20150417_181833

Here are other manis done with this plate. Hope you like them!


PhotoGrid_1424475152876 PhotoGrid_1424900346408

I REALLY like this plate so I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a new cute plate with easy to pick up images!

Hope you liked the review, thank you so much for reading!!


Where to buy??

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 *****The opinions expressed above are 100% honest and based on MY experience with the product*****

press sample

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