FingerPaints New Colors for 2015

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Hi friends!!!

I’ve been sharing/reviewing the FingerPaints New Colors for 2015 over the last weeks on my social media and was afraid to do a blog post because it would be too picture heavy but it must be done! Lol So, get ready for some spamming, but at least its pretty spamming! ūüėČ

*Th-Ink Outside the Box– is a pretty salt and pepper topper with hex, circle, and bar white and black glitters in different sizes. I love these types of toppers BC they tend to be very versatile and allow you to add a funky touch to any mani.


wpid-photogrid_1422323596329.jpg wpid-photogrid_1422323656107.jpg

*Sterling Sculpture– shown here over a very sheer nude is made of silver hex glitters in two sizes. Super cute


wpid-photogrid_1422323277342.jpg wpid-photogrid_1422323302399.jpg

*Violaceous Vase– three coats shown in the pic is a gorgeous purple glitter on iridescent base. So beautiful!!


*Such a Fake– shown in the pic over Milani “Silhouette” is a beautiful rusty gold with color glitter. This doesn’t really need a base its coverage is perfect


*You Can Crayon My Shoulders– two coats no top coat in the pic. This is a beautiful shade of red and the shimmer gives it a beautiful twinkle.


*Gogh With The Flow– beautiful burple with silver shimmer.


*Daubignys Garden– flakiessss!!! Lol need I say more?! LOVE this!!


And of course matte


*Color Me Abstract– two coats plus top coat of this beautiful fuchsia on my nails. This is the first polish I tried and fell in love with it!


*You Got To Be Kitch-ing Me– one coat over Milani “Enchanting” plus top coat in the pic. Hex, circle, square glitters in various shapes and sizes make this fun topper a party in a tiny bottle.


*Still life Strawberry– one coat over white in the pic. This topper is made of tiny and medium hex red and pink glitter. So cute.

wpid-photogrid_1422323175171.jpg wpid-photogrid_1422323215518.jpg

I know this was a very picture heavy post, I really tried to narrow it down a lot!  I really like the new colors for this year! Which one is your favorite?

Mine are Daubignys Garden and Violaceous Vase DO pick them up if you ever come accross them!

Hope you like the post! Thank you sooo much for reading!!


press sample

FingerPaints is exclusively available at Sally Beauty Supply stores or you can purchase online here.

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