Different Dimensions Christmas at Tiffany’s

Hi friends!!!!

Today I’m showing you yet another of my Black Friday purchases!! I’m super behind with my untrieds!!!

Different Dimension is one of those brands I’ve wanted to try for a while. Yes, there’s a lot of these brands, indie companies make such beautiful polishes I’m always lusting after one or the other! Haha
So, let me show you Christmas at Tiffany’s. This is a beautiful blue crelly filled with star, circle and hex glitters. I’m usually a little apprehensive about these types of formulas BC they can be a bit bulky and hard to manage. It wasn’t the case with this polish. Even though the ocassional overlap of glitter is impossible to avoid, the formula is quite easy to manage and the color is just beautiful. On my pics you see two coats of CaT’s plus one coat of gelous.




And of course I could NOT resist doing the typical Tiffany box manicure. I’ve always wanted to do this but never had the correct base for it. Even though its not perfect, I’m happy with the result. Hope you like it!!




Thank you so much for reading!!! Pls let me know what you think!


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