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Hello dear friends!!

Oh how lovely it is to write to you!! I have been sick as dog lately, first my son and then me with the flu and omg I am just sooo happy to be feeling better and off bed. I hope your 2015 is going way better than mine!

Today I’m happy to bring you a review of MoYou Nails plate 121. THE perfect plate for the person who loves soft girly, flirty manicures. I have been looking for bows like these for ages! I have a couple of plates but the images are sooo hard to pick up. Not with this plate!

Let me show you the plate:


And a look at the images individually:

wpid-photogrid_1420491893744.jpg wpid-photogrid_1418949774995.jpg

wpid-photogrid_1420491909896.jpg wpid-photogrid_1418949827394.jpg

wpid-photogrid_1420491852591.jpg wpid-photogrid_1418949885891.jpg

wpid-photogrid_1420491873767.jpg wpid-photogrid_1418949860430.jpg

These two bows look similar but the difference is in the knots in the middle

wpid-photogrid_1420491927443.jpg wpid-photogrid_1418949749501.jpg

wpid-photogrid_1420491783068.jpg wpid-photogrid_1420492480825.jpg

wpid-photogrid_1420491651278.jpg wpid-photogrid_1418949794942.jpg

This plate in manicures:




What do you think?? I absolutely recommend it!! the images are very pretty. The awareness ribbon is something that will come very in handy, and those bows!!!!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you like the manis!



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