Orly Plum Noir Flower mani



Hello friends!!

Have you ever had any of those moments where you didn’t know what to do.. and you were like.. well let me do something simple and see what happens? well this is the case for me with this mani. I bought Orly’s Plum Noir during Sally’s last sale and I had been dying to use it as it’s a gorgeous plum color. I’ve always been a huge fan of vampy colors like this!

I’m so happy I got a chance to just sit down and go back to my nail art roots. I adore flower manis but try to steer away from them because I’d literally do them daily. This time I wanted to do something cute and simple for a brunch play date with friends and I am so happy I went with this simple and natural to me; a five dot flower, pulled at both sides with a tooth pick, gold metal stud center and a couple of dots to fill in..

Plum Noir was amazingly creamy and easy to apply, the color is rich and gorgeous. I very much recommend you pick this up if you ever come across it!  The base for my accent nail is Bonita Cosmetic’s Dying to party, this formula I did not love. It was a bit grainy resulting in bald spots, needed a third coat to completely even out. I would just give it an “OK” grade.

Here is a pic of the mani. I love it, hope you like it too!

wpid-photogrid_1415159856869.jpg wpid-photogrid_1415241225121.jpg


Thank you so much for reading!!! 

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