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Bear Pawlish Maleficent and Divine Wine Swatches and Review

Hi friends!!!!

Still going through my untrieds and hope to keep doing it! I finally had the chance to get them out of the moving box (shame on me for taking 2 months to free them) and OMG!!! I got some great taste in polish! hahaha.. I love seeing all these beautiful polishes I bought with love but haven’t been able to use yet.

So, today I’m going to talk to you about two Bear Pawlish polishes I hadn’t tried yet. Bear Pawlish is a brand I got into when I first started my love for polish, I have 5 polishes 2 of which I won at a giveaway. In this post I’ll show you Maleficent (purchased by me) and Divine Wine (won at the giveaway); let me introduce them one by one.

*Maleficent- I love blue!! I think I’ve made that pretty clear in many occasions. When I saw this back in the day the swatches looked amazing and I absolutely fell in love with it! Unfortunately when I finally got it on my nails many many months after purchase, I didn’t see the holo that I was expecting. The color itself is gorgeous and full of shimmer, but the holo is quite subtle even in direct sunlight. Even outdoors on a sunny day I wasn’t able to see the holo I was expecting let alone capture it with my camera. I did finally get a good pic after moving around and trying many poses and positions. Would I buy it again? I’m not sure. If I were looking for a gorgeous blue with a holo hint yes! I would. If I were looking for a pow in your face blue holo? no, I probably wouldn’t. Here are the pics both outdoor and in direct sunlight, two coats and no top coat.


 bear pawlish maleficent bear pawlish maleficent 2

*Divine Wine- This little guy I won on a giveaway. Again the swatches were beautiful So of course, I fell in love! When I put it on last night I was a bit disappointed as the polish base looked plum-y  instead of the burgundy I was expecting but of course we all know holos come alive in direct sunlight so I waited. When I  went out this morning OMG!!!!!! did I get smacked in the face with the holo! WOW!! the base is absolutely gorgeous, the deep burgundy wine I was expecting.. and the holo is beautiful! So happy I gave this guy the second chance! In the pics you see two coats with no top coat.


bear pawlish divine wine  2 bear pawlish divine wine  3 bear pawlish divine wine

Thank you so much for reading this!!! Please let me know what you think and which polish is your fav.

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