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Tip Top Nails Metallics Swatches and Review

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Hi friends!!!

As you may know.. I am one of those very fortunate girls who gets to collaborate with Tip Top Nails. A couple of weeks ago I got a shipment from them and I was IN LOVE!! I received the babies you see in the pic below..

tip top metallics portada

And I was immediately drawn to the gold one.. God only knows why, I don’t even like gold jewelry!  But That gold just completely draws your attention to it doesn’t it?

These polishes are all very rich in color, one coaters and the application is beautiful as always with this brand. I compare Tip Top to OPI many times with the difference that I might like this brush a little more than OPI because I find it more precise and manageable.

Also, I have to share with you a trick that you might know but that I just found out about from a friend (BruisedupDollie who is my wise Jedi master) who heard it through the grapevine; turns out that you can avoid the visible “brush strokes” by sponging in the last coat. So the pics you will see here are all one coat with a very very light sponged layer on top.  The one coat is just fine for full opacity but the sponged top coat is a nice touch.

Let me introduce you to the pretties:

*Volcanic Eruption- this is the first baby I picked while I was working up the courage for the gold.. This is a GORGEOUS burgundy color. It’s quite rich and elegant and it has some shimmer in it. For it I chose to stamp some leaves on them because I needed it to look baroque and old fashioned. I loved the result.

 tip top volcanic eruption tip top volcanic eruption 2 tip top volcanis eruption nail art 2

*Liquid Envy– WOW Such a beautiful green!!! Absolutely gorgeous! It looked like an emerald on your nails. SO pretty! I was not surprised at all when Tip Top told me that this color had flown off the shelves!  with this guy I decided to stamp using the color B’dazzled blue from the same collection, but the difference in shade wasn’t strong enough and it was barely visible, so I double stamped with silver on top and finished off my sailor mani.

tip top liquid envy 1 tip top liquid envy 2 tip top liquid envy nail art

*Gold Digger– I was finally ready for this baby!! When I saw my nails dressed in it, I literally had the feeling that I had dunked my nails in a pot of melted gold. WOW! This color is sooooo rich!! Like I said before I am not a huge fan of gold but omg! If you are, you NEED this polish in your life!  This baby def needed something simple so I went for a funky french. Perfect NYE mani btw!!

tip top gold digger 1 tip top gold digger 2 tip top gold digger nail art

*Quirky Quicksilver– I sincerely would not describe this polish as silver, it says more of bronzy silver to me.. also with beautiful shimmer in it! I needed to do something daring so I went for these metallic leopard nails. what do you think?

tip top quirky quicksilver  tip top quirky quicksilver 2tip top quirky quicksilver nail art

*Grecian Urn– OMG!! this was gorgeous!! it was like a dusty rose pink with beautiful holo shimmer in it! how is that even possible?! my mind was completely blown away by it! it had tones to it too where sometimes it looked  pale rose and sometimes it looked like a soft shimmer brown.. this is my absolute favorite from the polishes I got and I will get a lot of use from it. I stamped it using Volcanic Eruption with a very soft image.

tip top grecian urn 1 tip top grecian urn 2 tip top grecian urn 3 tip top grecian urn nail art

*B’dazzled Blue– This color felt more like a dark rich green to me. very very pretty and of course by now I was so spoiled by the rest of the collection that I expected the quality this baby delivered.  I am sorry that I stamped it with such a big image because it covered too much of it.


 tip top b'dazzled blue 1 tip top b'dazzled blue 2 tip top b'dazzled blue nail art

*This is a little dotticure I did with three of the colors: Gold digger, B’dazzled Blue and Quirky Quicksilver over Essie’s Demure Vixen, I really liked it! hope you do too!

   tip top nudes tip top quirky nudes

Overall these polishes are amazing, my favorites are definitely Liquid Envy and Grecian Urn. They all provide great coverage, formula is beautifully flowy, they stamp very well and they are long lasting. Also, as rich as these colors are, none was a stainer which is always wonderful!


I really hope you liked the manis, and I want to thank you for reading. There’s a lot of work and love behind each post and I very much appreciate you reading them. Thank you for being there!

Also I’d like to thank Tip Top Nails for their continued support and collaboration, you are a dream to work with and I thank you for your trust!

Thanx for reading!

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Definately follow them on FB!! they have giveaways all the time and give great tips about nail care etc.



About Tip Top Polish:

The Tip Top brand was established in 1981.
The philosophy behind Tip Top was to develop a brand of nail colour & treatments that comprised of the following attributes & characteristics: Durability, Innovation, Toxin & Cruelty Free.
The afore mentioned was achieved by ensuring that their products are:
• Manufactured under the most stringent conditions
• Utilising only the finest raw materials available
• Developing cutting-edge formulations
• Keeping abreast with the most up to date fashion trends
• Doing no harm by ensuring their products are not tested on animals
• Developing products which are-Vegan, Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP (Dibuthyl Phthalate) and Camphor FREE


****The opinions above are my own and based on my honest experience with the product reviewed****

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  1. As you already know i am a big fan of TipTop nail polish…they are just AMAZING.
    Your swatches are amazing sweety…and the tip(without the top this time) with the sponge it’s great. You can really see the difference. (at least I can on the gold one-bc I also used it)
    And honey…don’t be afraid of gold (I used to be too) until I started using it, A LOT. It’s classy and sometimes(just sometimes) very easy to wear. (as long as you don’t put gold and silver in the same place)
    Keep up the good work. Kisses

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