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Shimmer Polish Sophie – Swacth and Review

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Hi friends!!!

Today I have Shimmer Sophie for you!!  Beautiful pink glitter polish. You know I love pink and glitter.. So pink glitter is like love in a bottle! Haha

But, of course this is not just pink, this time we’re talking about a pink, purple, gold, clear glitter mixture of different shapes and sizes with a hint of purple nail polish! To die for!! The application is always easy with these polishes and even though they are glitter packed they’re not hard to apply and the glitter spreads evenly. Removal is the same as any other glitter polish but well worth it!

So so pretty!! Here is a picture of the polish and one, two and three coats on a swatch stick.

shimmer polish sophie swatch stick


And here are three coats on my nails

shimmer polish sophie swatch shimmer polish sophie macro


I very much considered leaving them as is but I had just gotten my chevron nail vinyl and I needed to do my first chevron mani so here it is!

shimmer polish sophie chevron 1 shimmer polish sophie chevron 2

I really hope you like it!


Thank you for reading!!!!


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0 thoughts on “Shimmer Polish Sophie – Swacth and Review

  1. I usually hate it when a polish need more than 2 coats…BUT (yes, there is a but) some polishes are worth even 4 coats…and this, my darling, is one of them.
    This is sooooo…I can’t find my words.
    Love the chevron. This is my first think on the #manitotry ( I know this is not the name, but I just woke up) list…and, as a matter of fact…I choose a plate that has chevron on it. This way…I won’t have to live a nighmare with the stickers. (those never worked for me…and I even bought a special pair of scrissors)

    • I bought special scissors too and it didn’t work! I was so sad! But the vinyls are def better.. BTW I also have the chevron plate which I am absolutely loving I will be over using it soon

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