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Shimmer Polish – Cristina Swatch and Review

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Hi friends!

Today is day two of my Shimmer Polish reviews and I have Cristina for you! This is such a pretty color! I would say it’s a teal but it is made up of  green, forest, teal, blue and pink glitters in different shapes (squares, circles, hex, dot).

Here is a close up of the bottle plus swatches with one, two and three coats over a swatch stick.

 shimmer cristina swatch stick

Again, the diversity of glitters in these polishes is amazing! And the combo makes such a pretty shade. This polish is absolutely beautiful and I thought it was perfect to combine with black. Hope you like it!

 shimmer cristina (4) shimmer cristina (1) shimmer cristina 5

What do you think? Hope you like it as much as I did!


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