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YesLove Pastel Speckled Swatch

 yeslove portada


Hi friends!!

Today I finally bring you swatches of the YesLove collection I purchased ages ago… I’ve been dying to get them on my nails but have not had the chance to until now!

YesLove is a dollar store European brand that all my Spaniard blogger friends rave about, the variety of colors they offer is wonderful, and they even have textured polishes! Not your everyday dollar store brand!

I have to say.. These are yet another reason to wish I could go back to Spain hahaha.

The swatches you’ll see are all 2 coats, full opacity, very easy to apply, removal is like a typical glitter and durability is good. So, I’m quite happy with them! I wish I’d had them around for Easter!!

Here are the swatches! Hope you like them!

(I chose the darker swatches because they are more true to the real color)


The Blue:

yeslove blue yeslove blue 1

The Pink:

yeslove pink yeslove pink 1

The Yellow:

YesLove Yellow YesLove Yellow 2

The Orange:

yeslove orange yeslove orange 1

The Mint: (very similar to the blue but the blue is a lot stronger)

yeslove mint 1 yeslove mint

The Purple:

yeslove purple0 yeslove purple

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading!!

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