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Born Pretty Store Decal and rhinestones review

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Hi there friends!!

Hope you’re having an amazing Sunday!! I’m having an amazing day with my family but wanted to take some time to show you a couple of pretties!

As you know I have had the pleasure of collaborating with the BornPrettyStore in a couple of occasions and they recently sent me two more products to review. I NEED to show them to you!

I love the BPS store because of the wide variety of products they offer, it really is very hard to shop there because you end up wanting everything!

This time they sent me these two items.

 bps stickers bps wheel



Aren’t they great? The water decals are sooo cute and the stones are just perfect for adding a special touch for any mani. Here’s what I’ve done with them so far, hope you like them!

bps bunny stickers bps tear drop bps star mani


Buy the decals here, and the rhinestones here.  DO NOT FORGET to use our 10% off code CAPX31.

bornpretty code



About BornPrettyStore:

A lot of ppl are hesitant to order from BPS but here is MY experience with them. I made a personal order before getting my press samples just so I would be able to talk about my experience as a customer.

Shipping: Got my order yes, my personal order not the press samples in 12 days! even faster than the stuff I order from Amazon or eBay.

Customer Service:   I personally wrote to them twice: once because I didn’t get a shipping notice, this email was answered within 24hrs. I also wrote because I had a question about a product, this email was answered within 48hrs. Unfortunately BOTH emails went into the spam folder, but I was checking so I found them immediately. I think this is one of the reasons why ppl say no one answers their mails..


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