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JulieG Cruise Collection 2014

julie g collection

Hi everyone!!!

Well you all know I purchased the JulieG cruise collection not too long ago.. The reason you know? I’ve been spamming you with pics. Sorry about that!!

I am usually not a big fan of buying whole collections because they always sneak in a color that I am not too crazy about.. And I prefer to spend my money on polishes I like. BUT there is always one exception to the rule! This time it was a groupon that made me “sin”. When I saw this whole collection for $12.99 I knew I had to get my hands on it.

These are my first JulieG’s by the way, but I have only heard good things about them so I decided to take a leap of faith even though I thought I had similar colors. Well, I don’t!! But I will get to that in a little…

What they all have in common: Very thick formula but easy to work with, you could get away with one coat.. But to me one coat is like going out in underwear.. You could, but it’s so much better if you put some pants on.

Let’s meet these babies one by one.

*First one up is my least favorite of the collection Old San Juan . This salmon colored polish didn’t quite do it for me. It’s pretty but seems dull in comparison with the others.

old san juan 2 old san juan 3 old san juan

*Second is Santorini, OMG was I in love with this color!! sooo pretty!! it has this beautiful blue shimmer in it that gives it a gorgeous finish. IN LOVE with it!! gorgeous periwinkle color!

santorini  2 santorini santorini  3

*Third is Canary Islands. I have been to the Canary Islands myself and I have to say the name is perfect for this yellow! The Canary Islands are famous for their bananas ūüôā . This is LOUD yellow.. way brighter than the only other¬† yellow in my collection (China Glaze Lemon Fizz) and although I didn’t love it at first it definitely grew on me!

canary island canary island 1 canary island 2


*Fourth is Tahiti, also a color I LOVED. It has blue shimmer to it which is a lovely touch. So feminine.. so pretty.

tahiti 3 tahiti 2 tahiti 1

*Fifth is Miami Beach, WOW!! really reminded me of Live Love Carnival from OPI. The color was very very bright and beautiful. Perfect for Summer!

miami beach 1 2 miami beach 1 3 miami beach 1

*Sixth and last but not least is Rio de Janeiro which reminded me a LOT of Pamplona Purple by OPI. also very nice color that  is easy to wear for any occasion.

Please notice the difference lighting makes on this polish.

Rio de Janeiro 3 Rio de Janeiro 2Rio de Janeiro

Where do I buy it? at your local Rite Aid stores or online:


Here are pics of the nail art I did with these colors, hope you like it!

miami beach flower canary island stars tahiti decal 2 santorini  by Julie G stamped 1




julie g collection

****Hola a Todos****

Como bien sabéis (gracias a que llevo una semana bombardeándoos con fotos) hace poco me compre la colección Crucero de Julie G. Normalmente no soy gran fan de comprar colecciones completas porque siempre meten uno o dos colores k no me gustan. Pero bueno.. Vi oferton en groupon y me decidi a comprarla a pesar de tener colores similares.

Esta es la primera vez que compro esta marca pero es bastante popular entre gurus aquí en EEUU así que decidi lanzarme a la piscina! porque no?!

Lo que tienen en com√ļn: La formula es muy espesa pero es bastante f√°cil de trabajar con ella. De hecho, una capa bien puesta podr√≠a valer, pero yo es que no soy amiga de aplicar una sola capa.

Vamos a conocerlos uno por uno:

*El primero que probé fue Old San Juan, un color salmón pues que es muy bonito pero un poco sosillo en comparación con el resto. No hay mucho que decir sobre el.. Es bonito pero no me aloco.

old san juan 2 old san juan 3 old san juan

*El segundo fue Santorini, aqu√≠ empez√≥ mi locura. Qu√© bonito es!! Un azul que aqu√≠ se cataloga como “periwinkle” con un acabado con brillo perlado. Qu√© bonito!

santorini  2 santorini santorini  3

*El tercero fue Canary Island, un amarillo la verdad que bastante chill√≥n. No soy amante del amarillo en las u√Īas y este es bastante m√°s fuerte que el √ļnico otro amarillo en mi colecci√≥n (China Glaze Lemon Fizz). Pero oye.. Me fue gustando m√°s y m√°s conforme me fui acostumbrando.

canary island canary island 1 canary island 2

*El cuarto fue Tahit√≠, otra vez amor!! Est√° claro que lo m√≠o son los azules y verdes. Qu√© bonito es este color, tiene un azul perlado k da un acabado precioso. S√ļper femenino y bonito.

tahiti 3 tahiti 2 tahiti 1

*El quinto fue Miami Beach. WOW! este color me record√≥ mucho a Live Leve Carnaval de OPI. Es un color s√ļper intenso y perfecto para el solecito.

miami beach 1 2 miami beach 1 miami beach 1 3

*Sexto y √ļltimo fue Rio de Janeiro el cual tb me record√≥ mucho a otro color de OPI (Pamplona Purple) y tb es s√ļper bonito y perfecto para cualquier ocasi√≥n.

NOTAD la diferencia de tono segun le da la luz

Rio de Janeiro 3 Rio de Janeiro 2 Rio de Janeiro

Donde comprar? Desafortunadamente me parece que la marca solo vende en EEUU y se encuentran en la cadena de farmacias Rite Aid o través de su web:


Aquí tenéis fotos del nail art que hice con estos colores.. Espero que os guste!

canary island stars tahiti decal 2 miami beach flowersantorini  by Julie G stamped 1



7 thoughts on “JulieG Cruise Collection 2014

  1. I think this collection is great. I told you…they amaze you when you apply them.
    I think that the only one that looks the same on the nail as it does in the bottle is the first one(the orange one).
    Great colours.
    Lovely nail art as well.

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